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10 November 2008 @ 10:07 pm
Guest cancellation & guest announcement  
Unfortunately due to changing filming schedules on Heroes, Ashley Crow will no longer be able to join us at Eclipse 2!

We wish Ashley all the best and look forward to working with her at a future event.

Showmaster's thread here.

We are pleased to announce that Alan Blumenfeld will be joining us as Eclipse 2!

Alan plays Maury Parkman, aka The Nightmare Man! He is also Matt Parkmans father!

A founder member of The Company, Maury is a telepath and besides being able to read minds, he is also able to trap people in nightmarish visions that draw off the victim's own thoughts and memories. He can project visions at a more subtle level as well, to the point of convincing a target they are having a conversation with a mental image of an individual. He is also able to sense and block mentally intrusive abilities, and damage the minds of people who attempt to do this—such as when he incapacitated Molly when she used her ability to find him, and caused Matt pain when blocking

Showmaster's thread here.